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Super Mario Run pro Android vyjde až během března

Před nedávnem jsme vás informovali o tom, že zábavná běhačka Super Mario Run se objevila na Google Play, kde si ji můžete předregistrovat. Vše nasvědčovalo brzkému příchodu hry na telefony s Androidem. Nakonec si však uživatelé počkají o něco déle...

Evolveo StrongPhone G4: chytrý mobil pro opravdové zálesáky

Evolveo uvádí na trh StrongPhone G4, což je kompaktní smartphone s Androidem, který odolá nejen prachu a vodě, ale díky vnitřnímu rámu z hořčíku i pádům na tvrdý povrch.

Blynk Makes Creating Mobile Apps to Power Arduino or Raspberry Pi Projects a Little Easier

23:28 » Lifehacker
Android/iOS: If you want to control a Raspberry Pi or Arduino connected device from your phone, you’d usually need to know at least some programming. Blynk is an app that makes it easier to control those devices from your phone. Read more...

Google rolls out Instant Tethering for your Android devices

23:16 » TUAW
The latest version of Google Play Services comes with a feature that can ensure all your devices are always online. Austrian journalist Andreas Proschofsky has posted a screenshot on his Google+ account showing a new feature called "Instant Tether...

The future of Nokia's Z Android launcher is uncertain

23:05 » PhoneArena
In 2014, when Nokia introduced its Android-based N1 tablet, it also released its very own Android launcher. Called Nokia Z, the launcher was made available to download via Google Play, where anyone can still find it (and get it for free). However,...

Affordable LG X230 gets certified, global launch seems imminent

22:32 » PhoneArena
LG launched a couple of entry-level Android smartphones earlier this week, such as the X300 and Aristo. The former has been introduced in South Korea, while the latter made its way to the United States via MetroPCS and T-Mobile. If we are to compa...

Google's Instant Tethering Makes It Easier to Share Your Phone's Connection

22:21 » Lifehacker
Many Android phones can create handy hotspots to share your phone’s internet connections, but they can be tedious to set up. Google wants to fix this with its new Instant Tethering feature. Read more...

Pixel, Nexus devices getting Instant Tethering feature for Android Nougat

22:00 » SlashGear
Android users who own recent Pixel or Nexus devices running Android Nougat 7.1.1 may notice a new feature rolling out in the near future, or in some cases, already available. Called Instant Tethering and introduced as part of Google Play Services ...

Sony Xperia X and X Compact get January Android security updates

21:59 » PhoneArena
After delivering the January Android security updates for the Xperia XZ and X Performance earlier this week, Sony Mobile has done the same for the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact. After installing the updates, the handsets run software version 34.2....

New Instant Tethering feature will keep Android users online

20:20 » PhoneArena
Rolling out now to Nexus and Pixel handsets running on Android 7.1.1 is a new feature called Instant Tethering. With this new application, anytime one of your registered Google devices loses a cellular connection, it will automatically send a requ...

Splash Screen In Xamarin.Forms Application For Android And UWP

19:35 » C# Corner
In this article, you will learn how to add Splash Screen in Xamarin.Forms application for Android and Universal Windows Platform with XAML and Visual C#, using Visual Studio 2017.

Rumored Nokia-branded tablet could be an 18.4-inch monster

19:14 » PhoneArena
As far as rumors come and go, this is a pretty wild one, but it's too interesting not to be passed along. Apparently, FIH Mobile, a Foxconn subsidiary that licenses the Nokia brand for mobile devices, is working on an 18.4-inch display tablet. Spe...
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