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In pictures: The March for Our Lives protests

Survivors of last month’s school shooting in Florida are leading the March for Our Lives, a protest demanding stricter gun-control legislation.

Student: This march is going to change history

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School speak to CNN while marching in Washington about what they hope to accomplish.

Investigators search Cambridge Analytica London offices

Enforcement officers from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office early Saturday finished searching the London offices of Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy company accused of manipulating Facebook data during the 2016 US election, an ICO spokesman told CNN.

Deadly blast in Egypt targets security chief

A bomb targeting the director of security of an Egyptian city killed one of his bodyguards and wounded four others, according to state-run Ahram news agency, citing authorities.

Bolton's mustache more qualified to be US national security adviser

News outlets have reported that President Donald Trump has decided to replace his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. Trump was supposedly waiting to announce the decision until he could find a good next posting for McMaster, who remains an active-duty Army general.

What Melania now has in common with Hillary

Amid multiple allegations that her husband was unfaithful, Melania Trump now shares the dubious distinction of being a publicly scorned first lady with one other woman: her husband's 2016 rival for the presidency and sworn enemy, former first lady Hillary Clinton.

Playboy model who told of Trump affair shows more bravery than him

In this, the era of Trump, it is no surprise that the former Playboy model who told of an affair with the man who became president has shown herself to be more honest, empathetic, courageous, and decent than the President of the United States.

Elaborate lies caught on film

The six characters captured in documentary photographer Max Pinckers' new book make up some of the most controversial people in U.S. news, best known for bending the boundary between reality and fantasy.

Hackers modify street ads

Collectives like Special Patrol Group, Brandalism and Subvertisers International are giving city streets a subversive edge.

Ancient Maya bred dogs for food

A new study explains how the ancient Mayans bred and traded dogs, and may even have raised some for ceremonial purposes.

World wary as Trump turns to hardliners Bolton and Pompeo

President Donald Trump's decision to bring on John Bolton as national security adviser jolted the usually careful diplomatic world enough that a few unusually frank adjectives slipped out.

French officer who offered himself for hostage in supermarket attack dies

A French police officer who asked a gunman to let him take the place of a hostage in a supermarket attack has died.

South Korea says North Korea agrees to hold high-level talks

South Korea said Saturday that North Korea has accepted its proposal to hold high-level inter-Korean talks next week.
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