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Redskins players, owner link arms during anthem following Trump’s criticism

Washington also released an unsigned statement, which makes no mention of Trump but extols football as "great unifier."

Surprising Texas Christian can't fly under the radar anymore

Hardly anyone outside of Fort Worth was talking about Texas Christian football during the summer. Most of the Big 12 Conference buzz revolved around preseason darlings Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The Horned Frogs were, at best, an afterthought. T...

Odell Beckham Jr. flagged for simulating dog urinating on the field; has 2 TDs in loss

4:01 »
PHILADELPHIA -- Odell Beckham Jr.'s first touchdown of the season didn't come without a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. The New York Giants wide receiver caught a 10-yard pass early in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles, dragg...

In beating Steelers in OT, Bears change the subject to how good they might be

On a politically charged Sunday at Soldier Field, during a weekend when President Donald Trump inserted himself smack dab in the middle of America's game, the Bears did their best to make the football conversation in Chicago stick to sports. It wi...

Trump NFL comments come during health care push, N. Korea tensions

3:01 » CBS News
The lead political stories Sunday were heavy on football, but President Trump's comments on the NFL come during a trying time for the White House as it tries to implement policy change. CBS News chief Washington correspondent and anchor of "Face t...

Wave of protests grip NFL after Trump's player comments

More than 100 players throughout popular US sport take a defiant stance after US president's racism protest call out.

News Analysis: Defying Trump, Athletes Intensify Debate on Race and Protest

President Trump’s scolding of prominent black athletes has touched off a furious national debate on race and patriotism, rattling the world of sports.

A year after Colin Kaepernick's first protest, his absence looms larger than ever

2:02 » Mashable!
It's strange to look back on it now, as the U.S. president scolds the NFL for a perceived lack of patriotism, but when then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's decision not to stand for the national anthem first draw attention last year, the foot...
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