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Earther There’s Another Nor’easter Coming Because This Is Our Life Now | The A.V.

Earther There’s Another Nor’easter Coming Because This Is Our Life Now | The A.V. Club Jim Carrey painted a very rude portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, because that’s what he does now | The Takeout Area man’s superpower is eating Chipotle for 500 days straight | Read more...

The 10 Best Deals of March 19, 2018

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals , but these were our ten favorites today. Read more...

How to Get the Closest Thing to American Coffee Around the World

International travel is a beautiful way to experience a new culture. But while I’m almost entirely all for immersing yourself in what’s local and pushing beyond your boundaries, I make an exception for coffee. Blame jet lag or the disorientation of un-caffeinated mornings in a foreign country, but when I’m abroad and… Read more...

What to Ask Yourself Before Dipping Into Your Emergency Fund

You know it’s important to have cash on hand in case of an emergency, but when is it okay to dip into that aptly named emergency fund ? Some scenarios are so obviously emergencies—you lose your job and rent is due—but others can be iffy. Read more...

How to Talk to Anyone, With Podcaster Ken Plume

In this episode we’re talking about the lost art of conversation-making. Joining us is podcaster and raconteur Ken Plume , who has conducted extensive interviews with the likes of Mel Brooks and John Cleese. We discuss how Ken got his start feeling comfortable talking to just about anyone, how he handles the… Read more...

How to Turn a Cocktail Into a Pie

Dessert and cocktails both come after dinner, but combining them is a tricky business indeed. The best boozy desserts neatly split the difference between sugary treats and nightcaps; the worst are indistinguishable from mild physical assault. Sadly, the latter is far more common than the former—but it doesn’t have to… Read more...

Control Your Outdoor String Lights With These Inexpensive Remote Outlets

These weather-resistant remote outlet switches rely on an RF remote instead of Wi-Fi, so you can’t control them with your phone or Alexa. But at just $26 for a two-pack (each of which has two outlets), it might be all you need to control, say, outdoor string lights, fans, or heaters. Just use promo code H69R9FX9 at… Read more...

How to Introduce a Child With Autism to Minecraft

It’s hard to say exactly why children with autism are some of the greatest devotees of Minecraft, the computer game in which you build endless worlds out of Lego-like blocks. Stuart Duncan, a father of two, believes it’s because it’s a perfect union of two opposites. On one hand, Minecraft offers structure—everything… Read more...

How to Listen to Your Favorite YouTube Tracks Offline

Broadway superstars Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt dropped a bomb for theater geeks early this morning, remixing two songs from their always-sold-out musicals into a lovely duet you can purchase or stream for free across a number of different online services, like YouTube . Read more...

Make a Map for your Phone's Lock Screen

The problem with using a picture of your significant other as your phone wallpaper is that it’s awkward to ever change it away. Luckily my wife just changed her lock screen from a photo of me to a photo of a baby we like, so I’m changing mine to one of the cool maps offered by Alvar Carto . Read more...

What to Know About Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates by 25 basis points (0.25 percent) this week, which could leave you on the hook for a higher credit card bill if you keep a balance. Read more...

Let's make the crispy open-faced quesadilla from Somebody Feed Phil

In Make It Till You Fake It , The Takeout writers try to recreate a magical dish they saw somewhere, then reflect on whether their valiant attempt was a success or failure. Read more...

How Theatre Taught Me Empathy

Theatre gave me a lot of things. It was a place where my weird mannerisms and silly voices became unique tools. Performing also got me to break out of my shell and stop fearing what others thought of me, which, in turn, helped me learn to accept and be myself. But most of all, theatre taught me how to empathize with… Read more...

Seal Unused Fruits and Veggies With These $7 Food Huggers

Potentially extend the life of the unused portion of your fruits and veggies in these $7 silicone Food Huggers , and then rinse, and reuse over and over again. Sure, you could use plastic wrap to achieve the same thing, but you can’t always untangle plastic wrap to reuse a second time. Read more...

How to Clip In Your Cycling Shoes Like a Pro

I know I’m not the only one with this problem. The first time I tried a cycling class , the instructor helped me get my feet, clad in borrowed cycling shoes, attached to the pedals. The second time, I was on my own, and spent two full songs smushing my feet against the pedals in the dark and praying for some kind of… Read more...
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