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March For Our Lives protestors borrow a page from the 'Three Billboards' playbook

A seemingly endless variety of signs were on display at the March For Our Lives this weekend, but look closely and you may have noticed a few common trends emerging. One is the bright red sign with bold black text, sometimes accompanied by others like it and usually calling out specific individuals or institutions for their inaction in the face of tragedy. Like so: Six billboards #MarchForOurLi...

Emma Gonzalez's March For Our Lives speech will go down in history

You're going to remember this speech for a long time. At Saturday's March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C., Parkland activist Emma Gonzalez stood silently crying at the podium for six minutes and 20 seconds — the amount of time it took for a shooter to steal the lives of 17 of her classmates. "In a little over six minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 15 were injured, and everyone, ab...

Apple's Tim Cook calls for stronger privacy laws after the Facebook scandal

Tim Cook looks at Facebook's messy Cambridge Analytica affair as something of a wake-up call. The Apple CEO has largely kept quiet on privacy issues since Facebook's troubles sprung up last week. That's when we learned that the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica quietly, deceptively gathered data belonging to more than 50 million Facebook users in 2014. SEE ALSO: Senators demand Mark...

Bill Hader reveals the worst-behaved 'SNL' musical guest during his tenure

Working with celebrities isn't all sunshine and roses. Take it from two Saturday Night Live alums. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live , Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah revealed the "worst-behaved" musical guest they'd ever encountered during their time on the show: Justin Bieber. SEE ALSO: 'SNL's Pete Davidson gets the 'Queer Eye' treatment from Tan France "He was in a bad place,"...

All the best protest signs from the March For Our Lives

Millions of marchers gathered in cities across the country for Saturday's March For Our Lives — and they brought their best signs with them. Teens have spearheaded this movement for meaningful action on gun violence, and that age group turned out to be particularly creative with their slogans. (No surprise there.) Students from Parkland, Fla., wore price tags reading "$1.05" — the value of a hu...

'Black Panther' is officially the biggest superhero movie in U.S. box office history

We knew it was going to happen , and now it has: This weekend, Black Panther will cement its place as the top-earning superhero movie of all time at the U.S. box office. The current Friday-Sunday estimate of $16.6 million for Black Panther will bring its cumulative domestic total up to $630.9 million (h/t Deadline ). That gives it a small-yet-not-insignificant lead over The Avengers , which end...

The KFC Waffle Double Down is coming ... but only in Canada

The KFC Waffle Double Down truly is the Pamela Anderson of fast food menu items: Something so quintessentially, obviously all-American that it comes as a shock to realize ... it's Canadian. Coming soon. 03.26.18 — KFC Canada (@kfc_canada) March 23, 2018 The sandwich is billed as a spin on the classic American pairing of chicken and waffles. It consists of two fried ch...

There's an extremely relatable hidden message in the title of 'Isle of Dogs'

Where were you when you realized that the title of Wes Anderson's new movie, Isle of Dogs , is also "I love dogs?" A lot of people seem to be having that epiphany on Twitter today — perhaps because the film is generating so much (good and bad) buzz . Or maybe everyone's just thinkin' about dogs. That's fair! Dogs are good, and we love them. We also love a good pair of homophones . SEE ALSO: Dog...

Doctors inject lab-grown genes into boy's eyes to treat blindness

On the morning of March 20, eye surgeon Jason Comander injected viruses carrying lab-grown genes into the eyes of a boy whose vision had been gradually disappearing. If all goes as planned, the 13-year-old patient — who lives with an inherited genetic defect that causes blindness — will experience an improvement in eyesight in about a month. After a series of tests, the U.S. Food and Drug Admin...

A foldable iPhone may be in the works for 2020

Foldable phones haven't gone much further than the concept stage at this point, but you can bet Apple will be there when they do arrive. That could happen for iPhone as soon as 2020, according to a new analyst report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Such a form factor would give your iPhone the potential to transform into an iPad. SEE ALSO: This iPhone case reminds you why the Game Boy will ...

Care for an enormous lollipop that looks like your face?

Who doesn't want a lollipop in the image of their own face? Don't answer that. They exist! British online retailer Firebox, which has also blessed us with definitely-not-terrifying face cushions , is now selling The Face Licker , a custom lollipop modeled after whoever's lucky visage you decide to submit. SEE ALSO: Trick your Instagram followers with these scoop cookies Honestly, they are... pr...

An ode to the wonderfully wholesome world of 'Sesame Street' Twitter

Social media can be its own kind of hell. Between all the feuds and clapbacks, Trump rants , and Kardashian drama , sometimes you just need to surround yourself with some wholesome, positive content — enter Muppet twitter. It was in my own struggle to find a quiet space on the internet that I stumbled across the delightful world that is Sesame Street on Twitter. SEE ALSO: ‘Sesame Street’ awarde...

How well does 'microtargeted psychographic advertising' work anyway?

"Psychographic microtargeting" sounds like a phrase straight from the mouth of Big Brother. But is this advertising tactic really the dystopian big, bad wolf that many are making it out to be? Facebook is currently running damage control to contain the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal that's prompted rage at the company and calls for users to delete their Facebook accounts. The vali...

Be the superhero hacker the world needs, and learn it all for less than $40

As long as online data exists, someone will be out there plotting ways to steal it. ( Ahem .) Now that we live in an era where identity theft, copyright infringement, and all sorts of cybercrimes are rampant, companies are willing to pay top dollar to ethical hackers who can protect them from these attacks. Someone who knows how to look for security cracks in a system so they can find them and ...

Elevate your dental routine with these 3 products that are on sale

As if trips to the dentist weren't already terrifying enough, lying down on the dentist's chair often feels like a police interrogation. They inevitably pop the questions you're most anxious to hear — the dreadful "are you flossing?" and the horrific "are you brushing your teeth for the recommended time?" Unfortunately, lying through your teeth does not count as flossing, and within seconds of ...
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