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Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports could raise Apple iPhone prices in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S. and end up having to pay much more for your next Apple iPhone, you might put the blame squarely on President Donald J. Trump. The president went against the advice of his rapidly changing staff (can't tell the players without a scorecard) and announced tariffs against imports from China. A 25% tariff will be added to as much as $50 billion worth of goods from the country...

Telegram announces impressive 200 million monthly active users milestone, releases new update

Telegram has been gathering followers from other messenger services since its release and it looks like the number has reached an impressive milestone. The Russian company behind the chat app has just announced that within the last 30 days, Telegram was used by no less than 200 million people. Above all, we at Telegram believe in people. We believe that humans are inherently intelligent and ben...

Motorola pushing the Moto Z Android 8.0 Oreo update to some users

Motorola had been testing Android 8.0 Oreo for Moto Z since last year, but after two soak tests, it looks like the final version is coming out. Well, not for everyone, but at least some Moto Z owners will get the highly-anticipated Oreo update that's been teased by Motorola for such a long time. The announcement was made by Lenovo yesterday, which also said that the update is only available in ...

Apple Store app version 5.0 released, here is what's new

Apple has just updated the app that lets iOS users interact with its online store. Since this is a major release, Apple tagged it version 5.0, so here is what you'll get with the latest update. First off, the new version of Apple Store is meant to turn the app into a more personal and relevant experience for iOS users who like to shop directly from their handsets. In order for that to happen, t...

Hublot's FIFA-themed luxury smartwatch goes official and costs a small fortune

Hublot is a newcomer in the smartwatch industry, but it has tremendous experience as a watchmaker which plans to put to good use. As we previously reported, French brand is unveiling its first-ever luxury smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google. The result of the collaboration with FIFA, the smartwatch will be released under a weird name: Big Bang Referee 2018 World Cup Russia. When it teased i...

Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications

Earlier today, we told you about the Siri-based security flaw discovered in Brazil that allows Siri to read your notifications, even if they are hidden from the lock screen. The notifications that are most vulnerable come from third party apps including Facebook and Gmail. Holding down the home button (or the side button on the Apple iPhone X) will put Siri into blabbermouth mode. Apple does kn...

You can now play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery before the game launches officially

Jam City's new project – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is nearing release, but the developers want to give fans the chance to play the game before it's officially launched. If you don't mind playing an unfinished game, here is your chance to take on the role of young Hogwarts student and learn how to use powerful spells. Along with the beta program, Jam City released another video that showcas...

Morgan Stanley says that amid slowdown in iPhone sales, Apple Services is where the growth is

With sales of the Apple iPhone slowing, how can Apple continue to grow its revenue by 8% annually? After all, sales of the company's iconic smartphone make up 86% of the tech giant's gross. According to a research report written by Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty, Apple Services is growing fast enough to make up for slowing iPhone sales. Additionally, the services business has a higher profit mar...

Facebook gives more power to group chat admins in latest Messenger update

It's true that the newest revelations about Facebook's involvement in the US elections cast a gloom on how the social network protects its users' data. However, the wave of distrust doesn't seem to have affected Messenger, the company's other social service. And so, Facebook has just announced an important update is now being rolled out to Messenger, which is supposed to make the app “better th...

Cortana will soon get a major new feature on Android smartphones

It looks like Microsoft's Cortana has been further improved with one mandatory feature that all personal digital assistants should include at launch: the option to call and text by voice. The new feature is coming to the beta version of the app for the moment, but Microsoft makes it available to all Android devices in just a couple of weeks if testing goes smooth. In case you're wondering what ...

Use Google Assistant to send money to family and friends via Google Pay

Google Assistant is a virtual helper that can handle many tasks for users with a simple voice command. Get the latest weather forecast, play streaming music, and turn on or off your smart appliances with a quick verbal request. There are over 1 million actions that Google Assistant can handle. And today, Google announced that you can use the virtual assistant to send money to family or friends ...

Daily Steals offers major discounts on unlocked Motorola smartphones

Motorola fans looking to upgrade to a newer model are given the chance to do that at a very special price. Daily Steals is running a promotion on five Motorola smartphones that have been released in the last two years. Assuming that you have a Motorola smartphone that was launched back in 2015 or earlier, you can now upgrade to the Moto Z DROID for just $180. This is Motorola's flagship from 20...

Google Files Go is now a smarter file manager

Released to the public in late 2017, Google’s Files Go file manager is now better and smarter than ever, thanks to a new update that brings three enhanced features to it - according to Google, these have been implemented based on user feedback. Files Go now has an improved search system that’s akin to Google’s web search. The app’s search feature now includes autocomplete, instant results, sear...

More changes coming to Instagram; users can now decide when to refresh their feed

Instagram continues to make changes to its app. Yesterday, we told you that the picture and video sharing platform was giving users the ability to add hashtag and profile links to their bios. Today, Instagram is starting to rollout a "New Posts" button to subscribers' screens. Tapping the button refreshes the feed on demand, instead of it happening automatically. Users will be taken to new posts at the top of their feeds. Instagram says that many subscribers complained about the jarring way t...

Deal: Get three of Amazon's Echo products at a sweet discount today!

Are you in need of a smart speaker? Did you just feel an urge to buy a new piece of tech to place in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen? Hurry up then, as Amazon is running a sweet discount on three of its Echo smart speaker products – Snow, Plus, and Spot, which are all powered by Amazon's Alexa smart assistantAmazon Echo Spot - $103,99 (20% off) The Echo Spot is the smallest of the three. ...
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