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Iraqi victories remain fragile as US reduces troops

From their outpost on Iraq’s westernmost edge, U.S. 1st Lt. Kyle Hagerty and his troops watched civilians trickle into the area after American and Iraqi forces drove out the Islamic State group. They were, he believed, families returning to liberated homes, a hopeful sign of increasing stability.

Trump adviser: Russian meddling ‘incontrovertible’

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser said Saturday there was “incontrovertible” evidence of a Russian plot to disrupt the 2016 U.S. election, a blunt statement that shows how significantly the new criminal charges leveled by an American investigator have upended the political debate over his inquiry.

Pacific cruise liner brawl sends guests fleeing to cabins

A South Pacific cruise was interrupted by brawls apparently caused by a 23-member family who threw punches at other passengers, some of whom said they locked themselves in cabins to escape three days of violence.

US Navy says China’s military buildup won’t stop patrols

U.S. forces are undeterred by China’s military buildup on man-made islands in the South China Sea and will continue patrolling the strategic, disputed waters wherever “international law allows us,” said a Navy officer aboard a mammoth U.S. aircraft carrier brimming with F-18 fighter jets.

Inside the Mexican towns that produce America's heroin

A producer on “The Trade,” a Showtime series about the opiod crisis, talks about the heroin business in Mexico.

Starved and abandoned, a suburb of the Syrian capital braces for new attacks

Eastern Ghouta, an opposition-controlled suburb of Damascus, is the anti-Assad forces’ last bastion in the capital.

FBI, under scrutiny over Russia and Clinton probes, faces new criticism for failure to act before Florida shooting

Powerful congressional committees are demanding briefings on why the bureau didn’t do anything with a January tip about Nikolas Cruz.

'I would be considered criminal for saying this': Son of Holocaust survivors confronts Polish leader over complicity bill

Some of those present at the conference described the Polish PM's response as “appalling,” “surreal” and “shocking."

Rio’s Carnival goes political, and a little-known samba school ignites a firestorm

As Brazil struggles with a political crisis, an economic downturn and cascading corruption scandals, dancers take a stand against slave-like conditions and craven politicians.
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