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Windows 11: Microsoft revamps start menu and adds Android apps

New version of PC software unveiled with fresh design, faster performance, longer battery life and more open store Microsoft has unveiled Windows 11 as it seeks to modernise the world’s most popular desktop software, add Android apps and improve gaming without alienating users. Announced during a livestream that suffered technical issues, Windows 11 will replace Windows 10 and marks the biggest...

How meme stars of the early internet are striking it rich with NFTs - podcast

The growth of non-fungible tokens has given rise to massive windfalls for those behind early virals. Sirin Kale and Alex Hern explain all On 28 May 2016 the photographer Jeff McCurry was taking pictures of a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla called Harambe in Cincinnati zoo when a child entered the enclosure. The zookeepers reacted by shooting the gorilla dead. The child was unhurt. What was ...

Amazon crushed the Alabama union drive – can the Teamsters do better?

The Teamsters union is rich, strong, and experienced – and it’s ready to help workers and give Amazon a headache The announcement that the Teamsters – one of America’s most powerful unions – is going to mount an ambitious campaign to unionize Amazon warehouses across the US presents the e-retailing colossus with a far bigger threat than the recent effort to unionize an Amazon warehouse in Alaba...

Tom Hanks ruined my life! – podcasts of the week

Meet the man trying to pick up the pieces after being brutally fired by Hanks. Plus: an extraordinary investigation into sinister goings on at the British military training camp Motherhacker The second season of this bingeable podcast opens with Bridget (Carrie Coon) caught up in even more chaos since the pandemic hit. Her Tesla has been hacked and there’s a confrontation over face masks as she...

Microsoft urged to keep corporate travel to 2020 levels for good

Firm should set example by using its videoconferencing tools to reduce flying, campaigners say Microsoft is being urged to limit its corporate travel to 2020 levels for good, to set an example that others can follow by using its videoconferencing tools to limit its impact on the environment. The Just Use Teams campaign, launched by a group of climate activists and Microsoft customers, says the company has spoken about the urgent need to tackle climate change but remains among the top 10 corpo...

John McAfee: the tech pioneer turned fugitive

Founder of McAfee Associates went on the run in 2012 after his Belize neighbour was shot dead John McAfee: antivirus entrepreneur found dead in Spanish prison John McAfee, the creator of a programme that is among the most-used virus protection programmes worldwide, was a controversial figure, cryptocurrency promoter, tax opponent and fugitive who twice made long-shot runs for the US presidency . He publicly embraced drugs, guns and sex, and had a history of legal woes spanning from Tennessee ...

Mystery of the wheelie suitcase: how gender stereotypes held back the history of invention

Why have some brilliant innovations – from rolling luggage to electric cars – taken so long to come to market? Macho culture has a lot to answer for In 1972 an American luggage executive unscrewed four castors from a wardrobe and fixed them to a suitcase. Then he put a strap on his contraption and trotted it gleefully around his house. This was how Bernard Sadow invented the world’s first rolli...

E3 2021: 20 games to watch

This year’s all-digital video game expo involved a deluge of livestreams showcasing upcoming excitements. Here are our picks The chaotic mini-game series is making a really welcome return, this time featuring two-player co-op. The new vignette challenges range from avoiding bird plops to tweaking someone’s nipple hair. Classic Wario. Continue reading...

The best video games of 2021 so far

Hostile alien planets, giant vampire women and a jazz age murder mystery – plus some old favourites, rebooted – are among the best games released this year PC A gentle, board game style town building sim, which has you matching hexagonal landscape tiles to craft unique locations, laying on further puzzles and pleasures as you go. What we said: “This is game-playing at its most thoughtfully rela...

Letting users bypass App Store would be security risk, says Apple

Opening up iOS to ‘sideloading’ would lead to wave of damaging malware on iPhones and iPads, firm says Allowing users to bypass the App Store would lead to a wave of damaging malware on iPhones and iPads, Apple has warned, as the company faces the prospect of sweeping regulatory action on both sides of the Atlantic. Opening up iOS to “sideloading”, the name for installing software from unapproved sources, could allow malicious software to hold user data to ransom, let children bypass parental...

The 15 greatest video games of the 1990s – ranked!

It was the decade Sonic the Hedgehog, the original PlayStation, the Nintendo 64 and so much more entered the world – here are the 15 best games of this golden age of gaming Of all LucasArts’ memorable, quip-fuelled point and click adventures – from dark afterlife comedy Grim Fandango to the surrealist Day of the Tentacle – it’s Monkey Island 2 that gets the most love nowadays, and justifiably s...

Cloud spraying and hurricane slaying: could geoengineering fix the climate crisis?

Around the world, dozens of ingenious projects are trying to ‘trick’ the ocean into absorbing more CO 2 . But critics warn of unforeseen consequences Tom Green has a plan to tackle climate change. The British biologist and director of the charity Project Vesta wants to turn a trillion tonnes of CO 2 into rock, and sink it to the bottom of the sea. Green admits the idea is “audacious”. It would ...

Remote working isn’t a problem – clinging to office-based practices is a problem | Alexia Cambon

Do we need to go to offices? Work 9 to 5? At this unique moment in history, employers can rethink everything There have been few moments in the history of work as pivotal as the one we find ourselves in now. It took a pandemic to normalise remote working, and, despite the fears of many CEOs, most organisations saw no demonstrable loss of productivity. Now, the global workforce is demanding its right to retain the autonomy it gained through increased flexibility as societies open up again. Pre...

Cyberpunk 2077 finally launched on PlayStation 4

The troubled sci-fi adventure was taken off the PlayStation store in December 2020 due to serious technical issues – now it’s back, but PS5 owners still have to wait The much-hyped sci-fi adventure Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been launched on the PlayStation store, more than six months after the game’s initial release. Related: Cyberpunk 2077: how 2020's biggest video game launch turned into a shambles Continue reading...

Uber and Lyft fares surge as pandemic recedes – but drivers don’t get ‘piece of pie’

Recent changes have driven down pay for drivers, including a reduction in minimum pay for long distance trips Socializing, parties and late night trips are all coming back as the coronavirus pandemic recedes in the US and along with them has come a surge in the price of calling a cab. It’s good news for Uber and Lyft, but for the rideshare drivers who were hit so hard by the pandemic? Not so much. “We’re making less than normal,” said Robert Eaton of Reno, Nevada, a full-time Uber driver for ...
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