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I just watched McDonald's new AI drive-thru and I've lost my appetite

You'd think new technology would work hard at making you feel welcome at the drive-thru. Not necessarily. And now, oh, a McDonald's customer is suing the company for alleged breach of privacy laws. Yes, at the robot drive-thru.

How to build business credit

Business credit is vital for businesses that need to borrow money to grow. Building business credit is not impossible; it just takes time and dedication. here's our guide on all you need to know about building business credit.

Amazon's Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle review: This isn’t the work tablet you’re looking for

Amazon is offering a productivity bundle for its latest Fire HD 10 tablet, and, well, it's anything but productive.

Lydsto R1 robot vacuum review: An affordable sweeping and mopping workhorse for your home or office

The Lydsto R1 sweeping and mopping robot is a well-built, multi-function robot with an auto-empty station, spare mops and dust bags.

Most Brazilian museums struggle with digital collections

Only 25% of cultural institutions in the country have managed to make their collections available to the public online despite advances in catalog digitization, a new study has found

Bullitt Group announces Cat S62 rugged smartphone, available from T-Mobile

Cat phones are some of the best ultra-rugged phones available today and the new S62 is built to withstand just about any field work you can throw at it. It will be available exclusively at T-Mobile for just $498.

Social impact app ImpactWayv aims to connect people for good causes and CSR

ImpactWayv has released its app that connects users and socially responsible brands that want to do good.

Windows 11: A glorified theme pack we can all live with

Microsoft's decision to dial up the version number has little to do with Windows and everything to do with the pandemic. Can you live with that? Can I live with that? Can businesses and enterprises live with that? Sure we can.

Microsoft just resorted to honesty in a quite brilliant way

There's not too much honesty in the world these days. So when a giant corporation laughs at its own shortcomings, it can be quite glorious.

OnePlus to 'further integrate' with OPPO, but retain Oxygen OS, independence

OnePlus and OPPO appear to be integrating teams and possibly features, but the two brands will remain.

Samsung's 5G smartphone sales are growing fast - but Apple still dominates

Apple iPhone 5G sales are still double the next biggest competitor, but Samsung was the fastest-growing 5G smartphone vendor in Q1 2021.

Getting noticed on your Google Meet call just got a bit easier

Google updates its raised hands visual animation to help make group video meetings a little less annoying.
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