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Revive Pilled Clothing and Furniture With This $13 Shaver

If you have any clothes, furniture, or sheets that have a bad case of pilling, this electric fabric shaver is the cure. It features adjustable shaving height and two different speeds, so you can use it on pretty much any piece of fabric that needs it. Read more...

Earther The World’s Largest Sand Desert Is Covered in Lakes After Tropical Cyclone Mekunu | The A.V.

Earther The World’s Largest Sand Desert Is Covered in Lakes After Tropical Cyclone Mekunu | The A.V. Club Leisure Suit Larry once almost brought down a global banking system | The Takeout Man’s burger receipt from New York restaurant read “please spit in it” | Read more...

How to Avoid a Life of Regret

What is it you’ll regret most about your life when your time is up? Failure to fulfill your duty and obligations? Or the failure to follow your dreams? New research from Cornell University suggests our biggest regrets have nothing to do with our responsibilities in life. Read more...

How to Be Smart About Pregnancy and Early Motherhood, With Angela Garbes

In this episode, we’re talking with Angela Garbes, the author of Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy . Read more...

What You Should Know About Traveling to Japan Now that Airbnb Laws Are Changing

It’s not a good time for Airbnb hosts or renters in Japan right now: The private residence renting service was recently forced to cancel thousands of already booked and paid reservations in Japan, all thanks to a new set of Japanese laws that went into effect on June 15. Here’s what’s going on over there, and what… Read more...

How to Take Time-Lapse Pictures of Your Plants Growing

Plant life comes at you fast; before you know it that little sprout is a full grown monster plant, desperate for a bigger pot. If you’re a green thumb type who’s fascinated by your plant’s progress, here is the perfect way to document every tender unfurling. Read more...

Anker's New Portable Projector Is Brighter, Sharper, and $100 Off

Anker’s Nebula Capsule mini projector gets all the hype , but if its standard definition resolution and 100 lumen brightness won’t cut it for your portable cinema needs, the brand new Nebula Mars II just launched with a $100 discount. Read more...

Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Bargain On A Pre-Owned Sedan

When it comes to new cars, the sedan segment is dying. Honda has been struggling to sell it’s tried-and-true Accord and Ford will soon abandon the sedan market almost entirely. Since no one is buying them you would think buyers could score a deal on a cheap pre-owned model, but currently, that isn’t the case. Read more...

How to Open a Health Savings Account

If you don’t have employer insurance, where can you open a Health Savings Account? That’s what we’re considering this week. Read more...

How to Turn a Regular Bandage Into a Fingertip Bandage

If you’ve got a cut on the tip of your finger, don’t despair when your bathroom first aid box only contains regular, straight Band-Aids instead of those specialized fingertip bandages. You can make one with just two snips of your scissors. Here’s how: Read more...

How to Make a Wrench in the Exact Size You Need

Have you ever encountered a bolt that doesn’t quite fit your wrench? Of course you have. No matter how much pressure there is to conform, hardware bucks expectations. Here’s what to do when you don’t want to buy yet another special piece of equipment just to dismantle a bookshelf. Read more...

Where to Volunteer, Donate, and Protest to Fight Family Separation at the Border

The Trump administration is separating children from their parents through two new policies, keeping children in cages , and lying about all of it . This may seem like a massive problem that you can’t help to solve. But you can, with your time, money, skills, or just a phone call. Read more...

Sorry, Delivery Drivers - These Dumbbell Pairs Are On Sale In a Variety of Different Weights

While not as versatile as top-selling adjustable dumbbells , if you just need one or two sets of weights, Walmart’s discounting CAP Barbell rubber dumbbell pairs , ranging from $9-$101. Obviously, the price goes up as the weight increases, so just select your desired weight on the product page. Orders over $35 ship for… Read more...

How to Get Pringles Out of the Can Quickly and Easily

Pringles—those stackable chips made from a slurry of wheat, rice, corn, and potato flakes —can be a hassle to get out of the can. Maybe not at first, but let’s face it: once you start eating them, no matter how gross you may feel, you’re going to keep eating them until you get to the bottom of the container. That… Read more...

Don't Expect Miracles From a Cheap Soundbar

Cheap soundbars are a lot like cheap headphones. Many of them will do the job. Few of them will do it well. The new TV Mate by Samsung fits firmly in the first category. It will indeed make the audio on your TV louder and better. It will not, however, trick your friends into think you have a souped-up home theater… Read more...
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