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Development Release: Simplicity Linux 15.7 Beta

David Purse has announced the availability of the beta release of Simplicity Linux 15.7, a lightweight Puppy-based distribution for netbooks and desktops. Due to unresolved issues, the "Desktop" edition is only available in a 32-bit build for now. From the release announcement: "Simplicity Linux 15.7 beta is now....

Development Release: Tanglu 3.0 RC1

Matthias Klumpp has announced the availability of a release candidate for Tanglu, a Debian based distribution for desktop users. Tanglu 3 RC1 introduces experimental support and is presented in three editions (GNOME, KDE and Core). "We are pleased to announce the release of the first release candidate (RC)....

Distribution Release: antiX 15

The antiX project, a distribution suitable for low-resource computing based on Debian's Stable branch, has announced the launch of antiX 15. "A lot of time and work was spent getting antiX-15 (Killa P) ready for stable release; we hope you like it. As with previous releases, antiX-15 comes....

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 17.2

Clement Lefebvre has announced the availability of Linux Mint 17.2. The new release is a long term support release, based on packages from Ubuntu 14.04, and supported through to 2019. Linux Mint ships in two editions, Cinnamon and MATE. The Cinnamon edition offers a number of performance improvements....

Distribution Release: OpenMediaVault 2.1

Volker Theile has announced the release of OpenMediaVault 2.1, a new version of the project's specialist Debian-based distribution designed for network-attached storage (NAS) tasks: "Today I am happy to announce the release of OpenMediaVault version 2.1 (Stone burner). The main features at a glance: using Sencha ExtJS 5.1.1....

Distribution Release: OpenMandriva Lx 2014.2

The developers behind OpenMandriva have released a new version of their novice-friendly distribution. OpenMandriva originally started as a fork of Mandriva and continues on with similar goals and practices. The latest release, version 2014.2, ships with UEFI support and upgraded desktop, kernel and multimedia packages. "Just as any....

BSD Release: DragonFlyBSD 4.2.0

The DragonFly BSD team has announced the launch of DragonFly BSD 4.2.0. The new release includes a number of important new features and upgrades. DragonFly BSD 4.2.0 includes GNU's GCC 5 compiler as the default system compiler, offers improved graphics support and Sendmail has been replaced by a....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 616

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Running BSD on the desktop with MidnightBSD 0.6News: Customizing Fedora, Debian gains sponsorship for reproducible builds, Linux's ext4 file system to get built in encryption, openSUSE unveils "42" and Johnathan Riddell leaves the Kubuntu CouncilRapid review: FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi 2Torrent....

Distribution Release: VectorLinux 7.1

It took quite a while to build, but finally it's here - the brand new VectorLinux 7.1. A Slackware-derived distribution with Xfce and without systemd. From the release announcement: "The VectorLinux team is proud to announce the final release of VectorLinux 7.1. This release is the culmination....

Distribution Release: SparkyLinux 4.0

The developers of SparkyLinux, a distribution based on Debian's Testing branch (also know as Debian "Stretch"), have announced the availability of a new release. SparkyLinux 4.0 ships with version 4.0.5 of the Linux kernel, offers package compatibility with Debian "Stretch" and can be installed on machines featuring UEFI.....
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