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Distribution Release: Porteus Kiosk 3.6.0

Tomasz Jokiel has announced the release of Porteus Kiosk 3.6.0, the latest quarterly update of the project's single-purpose Gentoo-based distribution for web kiosks. This release introduces a server edition which designed for monitoring, accessing and managing Porteus Kiosk clients: "I'm pleased to announce that Porteus Kiosk 3.6.0 is....

Development Release: deepin 15 Alpha 2

The deepin development team has announced the availability of the second alpha build of the upcoming deepin 15, a major new version of the project's desktop Linux distribution featuring the Deepin desktop: "deepin 15 alpha 2 is thoroughly changed with a brand new system architecture. System performance and....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 638

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Qubes OS 3.0, KaOS with Plasma and NetBSD 7.0News: Fedora seeks Wayland testers, a new application for scheduling tasks and how to deal with rootkit warningsQuestions and answers: What an ELF is and an HTTPS optionTorrent corner: CRUX, KNOPPIX, NetrunnerReleased last week:....

Distribution Release: MakuluLinux 10 "Aero"

Jacque Montague Raymer has announced the release of MakuluLinux 10. The new version, which is built from Debian and Ubuntu packages, ships with the Cinnamon desktop environment and a theme designed to make former Windows users feel at home. "Makulu kicks off the 10 series with the release....

Development Release: Elive 2.6.12 (Beta)

Elive 2.6.12, the latest development build of the project's commercial distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux and featuring a highly customised Enlightenment desktop, is out and ready for testing: "The Elive team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.6.12. This version includes bug fixes in....

Distribution Release: Kwort Linux 4.3

David Cortarello has announced the release of Kwort Linux 4.3, the latest stable built from the project developing a lightweight, CRUX-based distribution with Openbox and a custom package manager called kpkg: "A new version of Kwort available, this one is 4.3. Get it while it's hot! As always,....

Distribution Release: Oracle Linux 7.2

Oracle has announced the release of Oracle Linux 7.2. Oracle Linux is built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code and is designed to be binary compatible with Red Hat's product. Oracle Linux 7.2 ships with two kernels, a "Red Hat Compatible Kernel" and Oracle's "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel",....

Distribution Release: KaOS 2015.11

The developers of KaOS, a rolling release distribution with a strong focus on KDE software, have announced the availability of a new installation snapshot. The new installation media, KaOS 2015.11, offers a number of package updates, new artwork and experimental support for running the Plasma desktop in a....

Distribution Release: KNOPPIX 7.6.0

Klaus Knopper has announced the release KNOPPIX 7.6.0, a brand-new version of the distribution's Debian-based live CD/DVD with a choice of LXDE, KDE 5.4 and GNOME 3.18, as well as a separate edition designed for visually impaired users: "Version 7.6.0 of KNOPPIX is based on the usual picks....

Distribution Release: Netrunner 17

The developers of Netrunner, a Kubuntu-based Linux distribution with useful extras such as Java, Flash and multimedia codecs, have announced the launch of Netrunner 17. The new release features a number of package updates, including the Plasma 5.4 desktop, VirtualBox 5, LibreOffice 5, Firefox 42 and version 4.2....
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