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Development Release: NetBSD 7.0 RC2

Soren Jacobsen has announced the availability of the second release candidate for the upcoming NetBSD 7.0: "On behalf of the NetBSD project, it is my pleasure to announce the second release candidate of NetBSD 7.0. Some of the changes since 7.0_RC1 are: OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1p; BIND updated....

Distribution Release: VectorLinux 7.1 "Light"

Robert Lange has announced the release of VectorLinux 7.1 "Light" edition, a Slackware-based distribution featuring the lightweight IceWM window manager: "Vector Linux Light 7.1 is released and available for download. The 'lightness' of this edition is relative to our Standard edition, and is achieved by using the lightweight....

BSD Release: pfSense 2.2.4

Chris Buechler has announced the release of pfSense 2.2.4, a FreeBSD-based firewall solution. The new release mostly includes bug fixes and security updates. The bug fixes include patches to prevent cross-site scripting attacks against the web interface, a fix for a TCP resource exhaustion attack and enhancements....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 620

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Following Debian's GNU/Hurd in 2015News: Ubuntu MATE tests new Welcome program, using Telegram on Fedora, Plasma for phones and Linux running on supercomputersBook review: Linux Bible (Ninth Edition)Torrent corner: BackBox, Calculate, NeptuneReleased last week: Red Hat Enterprise linux 6.7, Neptune 4.4, Calculate....

Distribution Release: ROSA R6 "Desktop Fresh"

Ekaterina Lopukhova has announced the release of ROSA R6 "Desktop Fresh" edition, a desktop Linux distribution featuring a customised KDE 4.14.8 desktop: "The ROSA company gladly presents ROSA Desktop Fresh R6, the number 6 in the 'R' lineup of the free ROSA distributions with the KDE desktop as....

Development Release: FreeBSD 10.2-RC1

Glen Barber has announced that the first release candidate for the upcoming FreeBSD 10.2 is now ready for testing: "The first RC build of the 10.2-RELEASE release cycle is now available. Changes Since 10.2-BETA2: tcpdump(8) has been updated to obtain capsicum(4) rights for dump file rotation; the ixgbe(4)....

Development Release: openSUSE Leap 42.1 Milestone 1

Douglas DeMaio has announced the availability of a test release of the openSUSE distribution's new Leap product branch. The test release, called openSUSE Leap 42.1 Milestone 1, is in the early stages of its development and is intended for alpha testers and people curious as to what openSUSE....

Distribution Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7

Red Hat has announced the availability of an updated version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The latest version, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, provides both updated installation media for Red Hat's customers and a few new features. The release announcement lists some of the new improvements to....

Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.1

John Martinson has announced the release of Robolinux 8.1, a major new release of the distribution that features an optional (and commercial) virtual machine pack for running Windows alongside Robolinux. This is the first version based on Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie", with the only available desktop environment being....

Distribution Release: BackBox Linux 4.3

Raffaele Forte has announced the release of BackBox Linux 4.3, the latest stable build of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution containing a collection of utilities designed to perform penetration testing and forensic analysis tasks: "The BackBox Team is pleased to announce the updated release of BackBox Linux, version 4.3.....
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