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Development Release: Elive 2.6.10 (Beta)

A new development build of Elive, a commercial distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux and featuring the Enlightenment desktop, is available for testing. Version 2.6.10 comes with a number of important bug fixes: "The Elive team is proud to announce the release of beta version 2.6.10. This new version....

Distribution Release: elementary OS 0.3.1

Daniel Foré has announced the release of elementary OS 0.3.1, an updated build of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution featuring a custom desktop environment called "Pantheon": "After just a few months, we're excited to announce a major upgrade for elementary OS Freya. This new version 0.3.1 closes about 200....

Development Release: SparkyLinux 4.1 RC "Rescue"

The developers of SparkyLinux, a desktop distribution based on Debian, have announced the launch of a new release candidate. The new development version, SparkyLinux 4.1 RC "Rescue", is based on Debian's Testing branch and is designed to be used as a live rescue disc. "There is available a....

Development Release: Manjaro 15.09 RC1

Philip Müller has announced the availability of a new release candidate for Manjaro Linux. The new test version, Manjaro Linux 15.09-rc1 "Xfce", ships with a newer version of the Linux kernel, more options for running the Steam gaming portal and improvements to the Manjaro Settings Manager. "The Manjaro....

Development Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Beta

Red Hat has announced a new beta release for the company's flagship product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The new test release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 beta, introduces a number of improvements to container technology, support for SCAP security profiles in the system installer and support for secure....

Distribution Release: Porteus Kiosk 3.5.0

Tomasz Jokiel has announced the release of Porteus Kiosk 3.5.0, the latest quarterly update of the project's minimalist Gentoo-based distribution designed for web kiosks: "I'm pleased to announce that Porteus Kiosk 3.5.0 is now available for download. The new version sums up all the development which happened in....

Distribution Release: Netrunner 14.2

The developers of Netrunner, a desktop distribution based on Ubuntu packages and featuring the KDE desktop, have released an update to the project's 14.x series. The new release, Netrunner 14.2, features and updated kernel and desktop applications. "The Netrunner team is proud to announce the release of Netrunner....

Distribution Release: Linux Lite 2.6

Jerry Bezencon has announced the release of Linux Lite 2.6, an updated build of the project's novice-friendly Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the Xfce desktop - now with a brand-new control centre: "Linux Lite 2.6 final is now available for download. This release cycle has seen a number of improvements....

Distribution Release: LXLE 14.04.3

The developers of LXLE, a lightweight desktop distribution built using packages from the Ubuntu repositories, have announced the availability of LXLE 14.04.3. This update to the 14.04 series includes a number of package updates while some default applications have been changed. "Delays, delays. First with SeaMonkey then Lanshop.....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 625

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Playing with OpenELEC 5.0.8News: Fedora unveils new Wayland features, Tails releases emergency security update, Solus launches fundraiser and KDE releases Plasma 5.4Questions and answers: The LILO boot loaderTorrent corner: Scientific Linux, TailsReleased last week: Quirky 7.1 "Appril", Scientifix Linux 6.7Upcoming releases: Linux....
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