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Mac mini Nejmenší stolní počítač společnosti Apple

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MacBook Pro and Mac mini with M1X chips coming this fall, says leaker

1:48 » BGR
Apple announced the M1 processor last fall alongside the first products that would feature the homegrown chip. Almost immediately, rumors and reports about the chip that would succeed the M1 began cropping up online, and the expectation was that A...

MacBook Pro M1X and Mac mini may release Intel from service in 2021

22:03 » SlashGear
The release date for a new M1X version of the MacBook Pro from Apple, along with a new Mac mini appear to be headed for a special event. It’s been rumored that the most powerful and updated Mac mini with M1X chip inside will be revealed at an even...

Leaker claims new redesigned MacBook Pro will be launched in Q4 along with M1X Mac mini

21:30 » 9to5Mac
Rumors about redesigned M1X MacBook Pro models have been circulating on the internet for some time now, but there has been some uncertainty about when Apple will introduce these new machines. According to Dylandkt , who has correctly predicted det...

Apple’s space gray iMac accessories officially discontinued, but alternatives exist

19:21 » 9to5Mac
Following the discontinuation of the iMac Pro earlier this year , Apple announced in May that it would also be discontinuing the space gray iMac accessories. That day has officially come, and the space gray Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magi...

Apple’s A-series chip roadmap on track; Intel’s laptop business to nose-dive

18.June » 9to5Mac
Apple’s A-series chip roadmap appears to be on track, as the company works on ever smaller chip processes. The latest TSMC news suggests that all is on schedule for a revised 5nm process this year, a 4nm process(ish) in 2022, and a 3nm process in ...

Intel nezvládá konkurenci Apple Silicon. Hrozí mu ztráta jeho pozice

18.June » Jablíčkář.cz
Když Apple vloni v červnu představil svůj projekt Apple Silicon, řada lidí o něm prakticky ihned vyjádřila své pochyby. To si Apple plně uvědomoval a nevěnoval jim proto pozornost – jen se soustředil na první Macy, které budou namísto procesoru od...

Students get free 2nd gen AirPods with an iPad Pro (2021) or iPad Air (2020) purchase during promo

17.June » PhoneArena
Apple's 2021 Back to School promotion starts now and runs through September 27th. Students purchasing an eligible device will receive a free pair of second-generation AirPods.

5 best early Prime Day deals for Apple fans

17.June » AppleInsider
As Prime Day 2021 approaches, deals are heating up, with Apple devices, third-party accessories and home electronics all on sale. M1 Mac mini for $599 Matching the year's cheapest M1 Mac mini price on record, Amazon's $100 discount is valid on bot...

Apple Launches 2021 Back to School Promotion: Free AirPods With Eligible Mac or iPad Purchase

17.June » MacRumors
Apple today launched its seasonal back-to-school sale for the upcoming school year in the United States and Canada, offering students free AirPods alongside purchases of select Macs and iPad models. Similar to last year's promotion , this year's o...

Apple launches Back to School student offer: free AirPods with iPad and Mac purchases

17.June » 9to5Mac
Apple has launched its Back to School promotional offer for the 2021 season. Customers can get a free pair of AirPods bundled with the purchase of eligible Mac and iPad purchases. Free bundled AirPods are available as standard, and customers can p...
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