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Synové a dcery Belialů, hovoří k vám Den mluvícícíh kamenů II.

14.ledna » smit.wz.cz
Neviděl jsem, maje bystré oči slepého vejra, neslyšel jsem skrze uši napíchnuté v cizím pokoji, nepochopil jsem texty o škodících štírech. Škodících a bodajících skrze podlahy i stěny vztyčenými bikonickými anténami. Nic jsem nepochopil jsa jen ve...

What everyone gets wrong about Trump's wall

12.ledna » The Week
With the exception of "Make America Great Again," it is difficult to think of a phrase more associated with President Trump's political rise than "Build the wall." Trump was very aware of the effect it had on his crowds along the campaign trail. "...

Right and Left React to the Clash Between Trump and Bannon

Writers from across the political spectrum on the comments made by Stephen K. Bannon about President Trump and the president’s response.

Utah doesn't need Mitt Romney. It already has Mike Lee.

4.ledna » The Week
The retirement of Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has paved the way for Mitt Romney to resume his political career, this time with the bipartisan acclaim that so often eluded him as governor of Massachusetts and the 2012 Republican presidential nominee....

The economy is roaring. Why isn't Trump popular?

29.prosince » The Week
President Trump dealt a severe blow to the Clinton dynasty when he unexpectedly defeated Hillary in the 2016 election. But as his first year in office comes to a close, Trump threatens to discredit yet another of the Clintons' key political insigh...

Lessons for anti-Trump conservatives — from an anti-Bush conservative

26.prosince » The Week
Almost a year into his presidency, Donald Trump is still causing a conservative crack-up. In office, he has exhibited the behavioral tendencies many of us feared, while at the same time governing as a more normal Republican than we expected, for b...

WATCH: White House denies Trump's alleged comments on immigrants

24.prosince » ABCNews.com
The New York Times reported Trump's alleged derogatory comments about immigration numbers and immigrants from Haiti and Nigeria.

Before Building a $400 Million Pipeline, Make Sure Your Neighbors Are On Board

19.prosince » Bloomberg
Members of the indigenous Yaqui tribe – enraged by what they viewed as an unauthorized trespass – used a backhoe truck to puncture and extract a 25-foot segment.

What social conservatives must do now

18.prosince » The Week
Republicans need to bury Roy Moore's brand of social conservatism. At a time when Christian conservatives are trying to carve out a space to live out their faith in a society without a moral consensus that reflects — or even understands — their va...
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