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Ex-TikTok gaming head to launch blockchain games startup as big players keep away

The former head of short video giant TikTok's gaming unit, Jason Fung, is launching a blockchain gaming startup as one of two co-founders.

Ethical Considerations of Digital Transformation

Companies undergoing digital evolutions can do the right thing for society and the planet with these key strategies.

Nearly one billion people in China had their personal data leaked, and it's been online for more than a year

19:08 » CNN.com
A massive online database apparently containing the personal information of up to one billion Chinese citizens was left unsecured and publicly accessible for more than a year -- until an anonymous user in a hacker forum offered to sell the data and …

Co by znamenala recese pro Bitcoin

18:02 » CryptoSvet.cz
Recese, BTC a kryptotrh: Jak se vzájemně ovlivňují? TIP: Inverzní korelace Bitcoinu s americkým dolarem dosáhla 17měsíčních maxim – co bude dál s BTC? Ekonomika USA je na tom hůř, než jsme si mysleli Stále více se objevují hlasy a signály, že USA sm…

Crypto: Bitcoin miners struggle with crypto’s price decline, rising energy costs, and increase in mining difficulty

17:19 » MarketWatch
Bitcoin mining industry’s daily revenue plummeted to $18 million from a peak of $62 million in November, as the crypto's price crashed.

Crypto’s Free Rein May Be Coming to a Close

16:46 » Wired
Lawmakers in the US and Europe are considering ways to regulate crypto and crack down on money-laundering and other illicit activities.

Bank of England: Crypto crashes show need for tougher rules

16:24 » ABCNews.com
The Bank of England warns that recent cryptocurrency meltdowns that wiped out more then $2 trillion in value highlight the need for tougher financial regulations
Elon Musk - Americký podnikatel
Yahoo! - Internetová společnost
Lenka Zahradnická - Česká herečka
Jeremy Hunt - Britský politik
Nelson Mandela - Bývalý prezident Jihoafrické republiky

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