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‘LuminosityLink RAT’ Author Pleads Guilty

A 21-year-old Kentucky man has pleaded guilty to authoring and distributing a popular hacking tool called "LuminosityLink," a malware strain that security experts say was used by thousands of customers to gain unauthorized access to tens of thousa...

Oracle Says New Blockchain Platform Can Bring In More Profits For Channel Partners

0:01 » CRN
'Oracle has kind of led the way in this by offering end users or integrators the opportunity to build their own blockchain model and bill it out on either a permanent or transaction basis. That is the innovative part of their offering,' says Mike ...

BitPay granted virtual currency license by NY regulator

23:16 » Reuters
The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) said on Monday it had granted a virtual currency license to bitcoin payments processor BitPay.

0x lets any app be the Craigslist of cryptocurrency

22:08 » TechCrunch
Centralized crypto exchanges like Coinbase are easy but expensive because they introduce a middleman. Not-for-profit project 0x allows any developer to quickly build their own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and decide their own fees. It act...

The Morning Download: Public Cloud Migration Picks Up, Challenges Notwithstanding

21:31 »
When a stream of top performers go on to better things, it usually hastens the flow of more top talent into the company.

Announcing #Blockchain "Power Panel" Moderated by Ed @Featherston | @ExpoDX #FinTech #Hyperledger #SmartCities

Whenever a new technology hits the high points of hype, everyone starts talking about it like it will solve all their business problems. Blockchain is one of those technologies. According to Gartner's latest report on the hype cycle of emerging te...

Why, Inc. Shares Fell 47% in the 1st Half of 2018

The furniture and home goods e-tailer has become a pretty direct bet on blockchain technologies, for better and for worse.

SEC halts sketchy Kodak-branded cryptocurrency mining scheme

19:16 » Engadget
One of the more surprising gadgets to appear at CES this year was a Kodak-branded cryptocurrency mining computer, which might have seemed like an easy way to make money if you leased the machine. But economists said the math never added up, and th...

BlackRock is evaluating cryptocurrencies, CEO Fink says

18:42 » Reuters
BlackRock Inc Chief Executive Larry Fink on Monday said the world's largest asset manager has assembled a working group to look at blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but cautioned he does not see massive investor demand.
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Donald Trump - Americký obchodní magnát
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HTC - Výrobce mobilních elektronických zařízení
Andrej Babiš - Český podnikatel a politik, předseda hnutí ANO
Stanley Cup - Hokejová trofej
Miroslava Němcová - Politik za ODS
Jan Chvojka - Poslanec za ČSSD
Václav Klaus - 2. prezident ČR
Telefónica O2 - Telekomunikační a poštovní služby
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