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David Rath Český lékař a bývalý politik

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At Senate Hearing, Experts Call for More Dental Coverage in Medicare, Medicaid

Fewer than half of Medicare beneficiaries see a dentist each year; when they do, they spend more than $1,000 out-of-pocket on their care.

Dandelion CEO Elliott Green Describes Potential of Company’s GLP-1 Data Library

Gathered from Dandelion’s 3 health system partners, the GLP-1 Data Library reflects the longitudinal patient records for 10 million patients, 200,000 of whom are on GLP-1 agonists

WEDI: HHS Should Create Office of National Cybersecurity Policy

Organization also suggests that Office for Civil Rights should conduct proactive, comprehensive select audits of the healthcare sector

Athenahealth Develops Specialty-Focused Versions of Its EHR

The first two iterations are for women’s health and urgent care, with a behavioral health version on the way

Community Health Centers Face Huge Lift in UDS Reporting Upgrade

FHIR-based platform is expected to become mandatory in 2025 or 2026 and will overhaul HRSA’s Uniform Data System reporting methodology

Children’s National Telehealth Program Connects All D.C. Public Schools

Goal is to expand tele-psychiatry program as well as care for diabetes, asthma and complex chronic diseases, says Children’s National’s Shireen Atabaki, M.D., M.P.H.

Providence to Spend $177M to Boost Emergency, Cardiac Capacity in Portland

Improvements are expected to provide room for an additional 50,000 emergency department visits each year

EHR Association Makes Recommendations on SDOH Data Capture

Task force notes that there is a lack of consensus around which SDOH domains should be assessed and a standardized approach to capturing the necessary information

Baptist Health Expanding Virtual Nursing Program Across the Enterprise

Arkansas health system will increase its usage of Caregility intelligent telehealth devices to more than 700 bedsides system-wide

Ascension Responding to Cyber Attack

‘We have no access to medical records, no access to labs, no access to radiology or X-rays, no ability to place orders,’ a physician tells the Detroit Free Press

CMMI Proposes Mandatory Payment Model Focused on Kidney Transplants

Increasing Organ Transplant Access (IOTA) Model will randomize an estimated 90 transplant centers of the 231 U.S. facilities actively performing kidney transplants

The Joint Commission Launching Rural Health Clinic Accreditation Program

Goal is to provide a quality and safety framework to help rural health clinics standardize how care is delivered
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